** Pot Pourri    

A tricky title- that's pronounced POTT pourri. Bwa ha. There's been plenty of tokin' up, shootin' up, and sniffin' up in movies throughout the years, and therefore lots o' psychedelic trivia to be asked. Now all you gott do is kick back, start clickin' and smoke 'em if ya got 'em...

1) Which ISN'T a Cheech and Chong movie? (if the title contains the phrase "Cheech and Chong's, it's been deleted here for obvious reasons)
Up In Smoke
Nice Dreams
Still Smokin'
Dazed and Confused
6) Which line ISN'T from the instant-classic , heroin-infested "Pulp Fiction"? (Warning- some language)
this, or
2) In the movie "Go", what drug does one of the lead characters, Ronna, played by Sarah Polley, sell at an Xmas rave party?
Trick Question- she doesn't actually sell illegal drugs
7) Speaking of Quentin, in the Tarantino-related "Killing Zoe", the boys go out and have an all night drugs, and booze binger. What are they planning to do the next morning.?
Rob a bank
Murder an old lady
Arrest some gang members
Play some waterpolo
3) What drug-related movie is this poster detail from?

Drugstore Cowboy
Basketball Diaries
The Outsiders
8) In 1998's "Return to Paradise", one friend is caught in a certain country on drug possesion, and two other friends must decide if they will return and serve jail sentences there to help the first friend avoid execution. What country were they in?
Trick Question- there's no such movie as "Return to Paradise"
4) In "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels", what drug do the boys with the caged door produce that is of such excellent quality?
Trick Question - they only buy it
9) In the classic "Trainspotting", what horrible occurence DOESN'T arise from heroin / drug use?
Baby dies
One guy gets AIDS
One guy climbs down a toilet to retrieve a drug he accidentally shat out
One character killed by drug dealer when he doesn't pay up
5) In the girl-fave "Pretty Woman", Richard Gere initially suspected Julia Roberts was going to do drugs, but she wasn't. What was she gonna do?
Remove her wig
Do the 'macarena'
Brush her teeth

10) In "The Usual Suspects", the boys knock off a heavy hitter and his bodyguard to obtain a briefcase. However, it contained bags of narcotics and not what they were originally after. What were they aiming to get?
Advance copy of "The Phantom Menace"
Police files

Jewelery and cash
Bearer bonds