** Point and Shoot    

Doesn't your index finger get tired of all that incessant clicking that the web constantly demands? We're supposed to live in an age of convenience, dagnabbit. Well with this week's quiz, all's you have to do is swipe your cursor over the spot in the image that answers the question and let our technical wizards here at CMT take care of the rest. Ahhh if only all of life's little chores were handled so easily...


We're awfully sorry but for technical reasons unknown this quiz does not appear to work with the Netscape browser. For this week only, you will have to grit your teeth and use a 4.0 or higher version of Internet Explorer. You can go to Microsoft and download one if, by some strange quirk of fate, you have eluded the browser that is forced onto just about every computer on the face of the planet.

1) Who is related to Luke by blood?

6) Where does Blade first sever Frost in their final sword battle in the action-vampire flick "Blade"?

2) Which of the four people (highlighted as a possible choice) survive until the end of "Pitch Black"?

7) Which kind of vehicle in this mess at the end of the original "Die Hard" were the crooks planning to get away in?

3) Which way does Keanu bend the spoon in "The Matrix"?

8) Which way does the man with the briefcase escape from this traffic light ambush area, in the spy thriller "Ronin"?

4) Who gets a limb chopped off in "Predator"?

9) Who becomes captain once the plucky Americans are forced onto the German U-boat in the new release "U-571"?

5) Where does Murtaugh fire his one round to show off to Riggs in the original "Lethal Weapon"?

10) Where do we see the shark first appear in this scene when LLCoolJ grabs a frying pan, in 1999's thriller "Deep Blue Sea"?