** Paint It Black

...The Stones, they have so many defining songs, but this one also defined a war. Yep, 'Nam. Go toe to toe with 'the Cong' in this war-movie quiz.

(1) Complete the Vietnam War movie title. "Hamburger _______".
(6) What experience DIDN'T Martin Sheen, and the boatload of soldiers escorting him down the river, have in "Apocalypse Now"?
MIG fire on their boat
Killing boatload of innocents
See some Playboy bunnies
Surfboarding under heavy incoming fire
(2) In the 1978 classic "The Deer Hunter", what game were DeNiro and his buddies forced to play in the POW camp?
Suicide Poker
Russian Roulette
One-on-one fights to the death
(7) In "Pulp Fiction", Vietnam Vet Christopher Walken tells a child (Bruce Willis' character) where he kept his father's gold watch hidden while he was in a prison camp in 'Nam. Where did he hide it?
In a pig trough
In his shoe
Under a floorboard
Up his ass
(3) What was the nickname of the loser grunt who blew his own brains out in the first half of Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket"?
Puff wheat
Flab ass
Gomer Pyle
Forrest Gump
(8) In one of the first 'Back to Vietnam after the war to rescue someone left behind' movies, Gene Hackman went to Vietnam in "Uncommon Valor" to try to rescue who?
His son
His brother
His friend who was under his command
His pet chimp, Snickers
(4) What character said this line, in the movie of the same name?
Private Rock
Jake McCabe
Sydney Hershowitz

Adrian Cronauer
(9) Speaking of the above genre of movies, what torture DIDN'T Stallone get when captured on his visit back to Vietnam in Rambo II?
Kept up to neck in cesspool
Tied to cross all day in sun
Trick Question - he got all of 'em
(5) In the 1990 flick "Flight of the Intruder", what did Willem Dafoe and Brad Johnson ignore direct orders to do?
Save orphans
Hunt whales
Bomb SAMs
Kill Vietnamese colonel responsible for Brad's copilots death

(10) What movie is this poster detail from?

Casualities of War
Off Limits
Born on the Fourth of July




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