*** Organ Donor    

Ripped out hearts, chilled brains, other edible body parts. See if you can identify the human-organs, or related trivia tidbits, in this week's toughie.

1) Which organ does the evil high-priest rip out of sacraficial guy in "Temple of Doom"?
6) Which organ do we see on the polaroid in this summer's "Scary Movie"?
Real small wee-wee
Cut-out heart
Brain on a serving plate
Cow stomach
2) In John Woo's 1989 action epic "The Killer", Chow Yun Fat wants to donate his eyes to his blind girlfriend if he dies. What ends up happening to his peepers?
He dies, but his girlfriend dies as well so his eyes end up going to his arch-rival
He gets shot in the eyes by bad guy, leaving his eyes useless
He decides to give his eyes to his girlfriend, leaving him blind but his girlfriend with sight
His girlfriend gets a robo-vision visor ala 'Geordi' of Star Trek, thus eliminating the need for human eyes
7) In 1983's "The Man With Two Brains", Steve Martin transplants the brain he has fallen in love with into Kathleen Turner's body. How does the transplanted personality affect it's new body?
Brain is actually that of a man, body turns very butch
Brain personality rejects body, Kathleen goes schizophrenic
Kathleen's head swells to double normal size
Brain personality loves to eat- Kathleen gets fat
3) They're kind of hard to make out from this pic, but in what movie do these slithering internal organs cause trouble and nearly kill a guy?

Isle of Dr. Moreau
Young Doctors in Love
8) Which organ was eaten with some fava beans and a nice chianti ?
4) In what movie does a guy see a human brain lying at the foot of the stairs in a subway station, which he proceeds to poke with a pen?
9) What happens to the baboon when it's teleported through Jeff Goldblum's machines in the 80's version of "The Fly"?
All its vital organs are instantly liquified
Its heart disappears
It turns inside out
Its lungs decompress and explode
5) Which was a superhero name from "Mystery Men"?
The Brain
The Pancreas
The Kidney
The Spleen
10) In "Saving Private Ryan", we see a guy get his arm blown off and then pick it up. As well, what organ-related horrific scene do we witness?
German soldiers dissecting P.O.W
Eyeball popped out of head, hanging down cheek
Skullcap blown away, see full shot of quivering brain while guy is still alive
Trick Question - none of the above