** Order Up!

Now for a bit of spice in your stew, try ordering your way around these questions. Type your answers in as one string of numbers, with no spaces or punctuation. Good Luck!.... order boy

(1) Vader-riffic! Put these Star Wars trilogy quotes in order. Type your answer as one string of numbers, in order as per the movies release. For example, if you thought quote 1 was from Empire, quote 2 from Jedi, and 3 from SW, your answer would be 312. Got it?
Quote #1
Quote #2
Quote #3

(6) The original "Jaws" sure saw lots o' good chompin'. Put these deaths in the order they occurred in the movie: first digit being the first death, last being last.
1) Quint eaten by Jaws on his own boat
2) Kid on inflatable mat gulped down
3) Girl swimming at midnight off the beach chowed upon

(2) Put these three natural disaster movies in the order in which they were released, with 1 being the earliest and 3 the most recent.
1) Volcano
2) Twister
3) Earthquake

(7) They still call him Bruce. What's the order of these Bruce Lee kung-fu flicks (oldest to most recent)?
1) The Chinese Connection
2) The Big Boss
3) Enter the Dragon

(3) Here's an offer ya can't refuse. Put these actors in the Godfather flicks they first appeared in. The first digit of your answer should be the actor who appeared in Gofather I, the second digit the one who first appeared in Godfather II, and the third, well, III.
1) Al Pacino
2) Andy Garcia
3) Robert De Niro

(8) The Old Folks home. Put these movie characters in age order, from the youngest to the oldest.
1) Lo Pan of "Big Trouble in Little China"
2) The vampire Louis (Brad Pitt) of "Interview With the Vampire"
3) Yoda of "Jedi"

(4) Put these block busters in order of gross box office take (U.S), from the least to the biggest money maker.
1) Titanic
2) Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
3) Star Wars - A New Hope (combined gross with special edition re-release)

(9) Put these movie events in the order they happened (ie, tied to the release of the movie they are from- the earliest movie if the scene has been used multiple times). Start from the earliest movie, to the most recent.
1) Steve McQueen flees on a motorbike from Nazis
2) A young woman is killed in her shower in the Bates Motel.
3) Godzilla first emerges from the Pacific Ocean.

(5) Put these Indiana Jones movie poster details in order. Have the first digit be the Raiders poster, the second be Temple of Doom and the third be Last Crusade.
(1) (2)
(3) Your answer:

(10) Bacon time! Put these Kevin Bacon movies in order, from earliest to the most recent.
1) Quicksilver
2) Stir of Echoes
3) Murder in the First




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