** Oldies But Goodies V: Bloodhunt    

Once again we harken back to the golden age of cinema- an age where CG effects did not a good movie make. Even though there's nothing wrong with CG... There sure were some goodies back in the day.


1 - 6) Classic Quote Showdown!

Match the character to the well-known quote they let fly on the silver screen. Note: The quote may or may not be from the actual scene the character picture was taken from. And beware, there are more quotes than characters...

7) What was the name of the character that Charlie Chaplin was most well known for playing?
The Bum
The Hobo
The Tramp
The Wino

11 - 14) Classic Deaths: Dead or Alive
Check the actors whose character died in the classic movie listed.
Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" Dead Alive
Orson Welles in "Citizen Kane" Dead Alive
Clark Gable in "Gone With the Wind" Dead Alive
James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause" Dead Alive
8) Which flick is generally regarded as the first 'talkie' movie?
The Jazz Singer
Gone With the Wind
City Lights
42nd Street
15) Hitchcock Question 1:
How did Ingmar Bergman's father commit suicide in the 1946 suspense classic "Notorious"?
Jumped in front of train
9) In the Buster Keaton classic "The General", what did Buster finally do to once and for stop the Yankee train from pursuing him?
Put logs on tracks
Set bridge on fire
Smashed dam
Threw dynamite in smoke stack
16) Hitchcock Question 2:
What terrorist plan was aborted in the so-so-for-a-Hitchcock-flick "Saboteur"?
Blow up dam
Destroy Statue of Liberty
Blow up airplane factory
Destroy letter 'H' of Hollywood sign, make it 'Ollywood'
10) How did Audrey Hepburn sneak away from her royal chaperones to explore Rome on her own in "Roman Holiday"?
Stowaway in truck
Disguised as man
Climbed along outside building
Bribed guards.... with her body
17) What was the name of Prince John's castle in the 1938 swashbuckling classic "The Adventures of Robin Hood"?
Nottingham castle
Sherwood castle
Locksley castle
Doom castle