*** Still More Oldies But Goodies    

A toughie this week: hard-ish questions on classic movies. Dig through your video memory vaults and see what trivia justice you can do to some of the all-time greats.


1-4) Audio bite matchup!

Match the quote to the movie. Just choose from the drop down box on your right. Two extra movies have been added in the list just to spice up the stew- you'll have to pick from them!

1) Quote #1
2) Quote #2
3) Quote #3
4) Quote #4
5) What was Charlie Chaplin's first full 'talkie' film?
Modern Times
The Kid
The Great Dictator
City Lights
8) Looking at the movie as a whole, Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" shares one important facet with which of these modern action flicks?
Sudden Death
Die Hard 2
Tango and Cash
Nick of Time
6) What DOESN'T happen in "The Maltese Falcon"?
Ship at marina burns up
Humphrey Bogart's partner killed
Bogart returns to office to find it ransacked
Bogart gets slipped a drug in his drink
9) What was the name of Ben Hur's rival in the 1959 epic?

7) The names of the cop and taxi driver characters of "It's A Wonderful Life" were the inspiration for a later pair of fictional characters. What were their names?
Bert and Ernie
Mickey and Donald
Luke and Han
Chip and Dale

10) What classic film-noir is this pic from?

The Third Man

Double Indemnity
Touch of Evil


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