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Mob movies. Gripping, powerful stories of the most powerful crime families in America and how they relate to the character played by Robert DeNiro. Remeber to try to find the Secret Movie, starting from this week!

1) What was the meaning of this in "The Godfather"?

Sonny Corleone sleeps with the fishes
Amerigo Bonasera sleeps with the fishes
Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes
Time for lunch!
7) What mob-movie is this poster detail from?

Once Upon A Time In America
Godfather II
Miller's Crossing
The Don Is Dead
2) At the start of "The Godfather II", Michael Corleone and a Senator have an argument. What about?
Senator doesn't want to repay favor owed to the family after they tidied up a mess with him and a dead prostitute
Senator is squeezing Michael for more money so Michael can obtain a gaming license on a hotel
Senator's brother-in-law wants important role in the family business, even though he's an idiot
Senator made disparaging remarks about Michael's wife
7) List time. What mob movies HASN'T Robert DeNiro appeared in. Type your answer in ALL UPPERCASE, with no spaces or punctuation. For example, if you thought the answer was just Goodfellas and Mobsters, your answer would be DH.
A. The Godfather
B. Dick Tracy
C. Casino
D. Goodfellas
E. Once Upon a Time In America
F. Scarface
G. The Untouchables
H. Mobsters
3) In "The Godfather III", how is Andy Garcia's character related to Michael Corleone?
Sonny's illegitimate son- ie. his nephew
Cousin's son
Faked being his illegitimate son, actually wasn't
Long lost little brother
8) Which of these mafia movies WASN'T based on a true story?
The Sicilian
4) Here's a gimme. Name this movie.
Godfather III
My Cousin Vinn
9) Which of these movies WASN'T nominated for Best Picture?
Godfather II
Miller's Crossing
Godfather III
5) In "Casino", Joe Pesci is trying to get a captured thug from a rival gang to talk. What torture finally gets him to sing like a bird?

10) Marlon Brando appeared as Don Corleone in the Mario Puzo-penned classic "The Godfather." What other movie did he appear in that was also written by the late Mario Puzo?
The Sicilian
The Freshman
Last Tango In Paris




Secret Movie


What's the Secret Movie in this week's quiz?!?


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