** Look Ma, No Hands!    

Body parts get cut off, and/or are otherwise lost, but the show still goes on! Put your best foot forward and try your hand at this quiz...

1) What arm was the one-armed man missing in "The Fugitive" ?
Left arm
Right arm
Both arms
Trick question - he didn't have any feet
6) What was the line said after Luke lost his hand in Empire?
this or
this ?
2) What did Indy say he was once threatened with getting cut off, in "Temple of Doom"?
His head
His feet
His 'transport'
His 'misunderstanding'
7) What was in the plastic bag found at the start of 1993's thriller "When the Bough Breaks" ?
Mutilated Elmo doll
Female torso
Children's hands
Cat's heads
3) In "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", John Cleese battles a dark knight. What body part(s) does he cut off?
Both arms and legs
His head
His 'johnson'
His blonde curly locks
8) Why did the horse head end up in the rich movie producer's bed in "The Godfather" ?
Was making film about The Godfather
Because the pig head started to stink
Wouldn't pay protection money
Wouldn't give part in movie to Godfather's godson
4) Yee-ouch! In what movie does this poor sap get de-legged?

Hamburger Hill
Starship Troopers
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain
9) Not technically an 'amputation' question, but in "Misery" Kathy Bates wallops James Caan's feet with a sledgehammer to keep him from escaping. What does she say this process is called?
5) In "Reservoir Dogs", who cuts off the undercover cop's ear?
Mr. Pink
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Brown
Nice Guy Eddie
10) Which movie DIDN'T feature a Japanese yakuza member cutting off his own pinky?
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Black Rain
The Yakuza

Rising Sun