* New Yawk    

It's the center of countless movies each year: the City that Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, the Naked City (tee hee)...

See how you handle a foray into the metropolitan juggernaut that is New Yawk..

1) Complete the 1984 movie title. "The Muppets Take _____"?
Times Square
The Big Apple
6) Which "Die Hard" took place in New York?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
2) Where in New York did Eddie Murphy head to, in the 1988 comedy "Coming to America"?
7) What New York building did "King Kong" climb in the 1976 remake?
Eiffel Tower
World Trade Center
Empire State Building
Chrysler Building
3) Which movie DIDN'T take place in New York?
Death Wish
Maid in Manhattan
Saturday Night Fever
8) Which superhero lives in New York?
Michael Mann
4) Who did Kurt Russell, as Snake Plissken, head into New York to rescue, in the John Carpenter classic "Escape From New York"?
Goldie Hawn
The President
His wife
Scroonchy McGilliraggin
9) In which movie featured an Oscar-winning performance by an actor playing the character Gordon Gekko?
A Troll in Central Park
Bullets Over Broadway
Wall Street
Manhattan Monkey Business
5) How did Daniel Day-Lewis' character 'Bill the Butcher' disfigure Leonardo DiCaprio, in "Gangs of New York"?
Cut off ear
Cut off finger
Burnt face
Sliced chin
10) Where in New York did Jason get supposedly 'killed', in "Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan"?
Top of Empire State Building
Middle of Times Square
Set of David Letterman
Sewers under New York


11-14) Trouble in New Yawk!

The movies have showered their share of trouble on New York. While of course nothing is ever as terrible as real-life events, it is still interesting to look back at all the peril that has happened to the city on the silver screen. See if you can match the pic to the flick in which the damage occurred. Be warned, as always there are a few red herrings thrown into the pick list, so choose wisely!