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(Note: This quiz originally aired in December of 1999- so the movies were brand new back then. Should be easier to do this one now!)

See whatcha know about movies playing this month, or coming out in the near future...

1) In "End of Days," what dastardly deed DOESN'T the devil (Gabriel Byrne), do?
Become a snake
Punch right through a guy's head
Have sex with a mother and daughter... at the same time
Blow up a restaurant
6) What cool power up ability does the hero guy of "Princess Mononoke" get towards the start of the movie?
Ability to shoot huge lightning blasts with his hands
Mega powerful arm- able to take off enemies' heads with a single arrow shot
Ability to talk to trees- make them kill enemies
Becomes super good at 'Pokemon' on Gameboy
2) What do the flicks "The Messenger: Joan of Arc" and "Sleepy Hollow" have in common?
Both re-team former star/director combos
Both feature computer-generated monkeys
Both were shot on location in France
Both were released on the same opening weekend
7) "The Green Mile" starring Tom Hanks is new in theaters this weekend. Who was the author of the original novel its based on?
J.D. Salinger
Judith Krantz
Stephen King
Tom Clancy
3) Why is James Bond spared a sniper's bullet at the start of "The World Is Not Enough"?
His rugged good looks
He was needed to deliver some money
The sniper was an ex-lover of his
He cried like a baby, begging for his life

8) DreamQuest SKG and Disney have had duplicate movie release rivalries for a few years. (Antz vs Bug's Life, Deep Impact vs. Armageddon). Next year they're at it again. What's the theme this time?
All computer-generated dinosaur movies
Midgets playing in the NBA
Humans going to Mars
4) Which ISN'T a gruesome death in "The Bone Collector"?
Guy eaten alive by rats
Woman scalded to death by steam
Guy tied to pier- drowns when tide comes in
Woman's face burned off by acid
9) What year is Star Wars: Episode II scheduled for release?
5) What current movie is this poster detail from?
Toy Story 2
Being John Malkovich
Pokemon: The First Movie
Anywhere But Here

10) What movie is set for release January 1st, 2000- only in IMAX theaters?
Mission Impossible 2
Bicentennial Man
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song- the director's cut
Fantasia 2000