*** Mutant Terror    

Sometimes things just go wrong... horribly, DNA deviating, gene-splicingly wrong...
It's your mission this week to try to reconstitute some sort of genetic order by working your way through this sequence of questions... Good Luck!


1-4) Mutant mayhem!

Match the mutant to the flick. The list to choose from is lengthy, so choose carefully! Continued below!!

5) What does C.H.U.D stand for?
Cannibalistic Heathen Urban Dwarf
Cannibalistic Hellbound United Demon
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller
Cannibalistic Holy Union Descendant

8) What was the test Kurt Russell used to find out who was human and who was mutant alien in "The Thing"?
Take DNA sample
Play high pitched sound
Ask memory-related question
Heat blood
6) Check all the mutants, good and bad, that we saw in 2000's "X-Men"
Beast Mystique
Storm Cyclops
Nightcrawler Magneto
Gambit Sabretooth

9) What did Mira Sorvino of "The Mimic" call the new breed of cockroach she released into New York to combat the children's disease epidemic?
7) What were the roaming killer plants of "The Day of the Triffids" attracted to?
Electric fields
Smell of blood
10) Besides being genetically bigger, smarter, and meaner, what ability did the mutant sharks of "Deep Blue Sea" have that normal sharks didn't?
Swim backwards
See in darkness
Withstand poisons
Change skin coloring

11-13) More Mutant Mayhem!

Continue on matching up those precocious mutants!