** Morons    

They make a movie more fun, because they're so stupid you feel smart. Sharpen your pencils for this week's salute to the idiots of the silver screen.

1) In which movie does some idiot get his tongue stuck to a frozen metal pole?
Ace Ventura
Police Academy 2
Ski Patrol
Dumb and Dumber
7) In which movie is this slow guy made fun of?
Armed and Dangerous
There's Something About Mary
American Pie
Bull Durham
2) Michael Richards's (aka Kramer on Seinfeld) character ran a children's television show in the 1989 Weird Al flick "UHF". What did he give kids as a reward on the program?
Removes clothespins from their ears
Piece of chalk inside a cellophane cigarette wrapper
Drink from a firehose
Electric shocks
8) Steve Martin played a character who was raised in a poor black family in the 1979 classic "The Jerk. What brainless notion did he hold regarding his situation?
As he got older he would eventually turn black
He was brought to the family by a stork
He was an albino
Thought maybe his father was the white postman
3) How did Adam Sandler solve the little kid's bed-wetting problem in "Big Daddy"?
Made kid wear diapers
Put newspapers on the bed
Made kid sleep in bathtub
Didn't give kid any fluids for three days
9) Another Sandler question. What was the name of dimwitted Adam's pro-wrestling hero in "The Waterboy"?
The Rock
Captain Insano
Bambam Blitzer
4) Who is the idiotic detective answering this question?
Inspector Clouseau
Frank Drebin
James Bond
Harry Crumb
10) Who's this fool?

Jackie Brown

Ace Ventura
Deuce Bigalow
Billy Madison

5) Which wasn't a Forrest Gump saying?
Stupid is as stupid does
Mama always said, dying was a part of life
Life is like a box of chocolates
The littlest lessons are the hardest learnt
11) In 1983's "Strange Brew", dim-witted Canadian icon Doug MacKenzie is trapped with a woman in a room being flooded with beer. How do they survive?
They get air from empty beer bottles
He drinks all the beer
He uses his touque
Hosehead the dog opens the top vent
6) How do the college kids blow up their car in 2000's "Road Trip"?
Pushed it off a cliff
Were playing with hand grenade
Tried to jump bridge
Left burning cigarette under seat
12) Which movie features these no-brainers ordering drinks?
Police Academy 4
Eyes Wide Shut
Animal House
Three Amigos


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