** More Oldies But Goodies    

Ahh the classics. Fewer explosions and computer generated aliens, to be sure, but they make up for it with everything else. Here's the follow up to our first quiz devoted to thos oldies but goodies...


1- 4) Four pics, ten movies

Put the flick to the pic. There's TEN listed on the side though, so you'll have to choose carefully. Just type your single answer in upper or lower case.




A) The Seven Year Itch
B) The Big Sleep
C) Showgirls
D) A Streetcar Named Desire
E) Casablanca
F) Some Like It Hot
G) Battlefield Earth
H) The Treasure of Sierra Madre
I) The Searchers
J) The Maltese Falcon
5) Who kills Janet Leigh in the shower scene in "Psycho"?
Norman's Mom
Her boyfriend
Michael Meyers
9) What DOESN'T happen to Ben Hur?
Wins chariot race
Becomes slave rower in battle ship
Marches through desert
Seduced by Emperor's mistress
6) During what war does the Oscar-winner "Lawerence of Arabia" take place?
The Boer War
The Crimean War
10) Why are those darn jurors so angry in the 1957 classic "12 Angry Men"?
Bullied by judge and lawyers to come up with quick verdict
One juror doesn't go along with other 11 in coming up with quick conviction
Promised free pizza and Coke, it never shows
Find out two of the jurors have taken bribes
7) What movie is famous for this catchy piece ?
Bridge on the River Kwai
The Great Escape
Song of the South
For a Few Dollars More
11-14) What decade?
Match the film to the decade. Type in one single number only. (Hint - each film is from a different decade)
8) When Dorothy lands in Oz, she kills a witch with her house. Which one?
11) Vertigo 19 0's
12) The Kid (Charlie Chaplin) 19 0's
13) Inherit the Wind (not TV remake) 19 0's
14) Citizen Kane 19 0's