* The Science of Monsters    

Blindly pursuing scientific advancement without paying heed to the ramifications of their actions, scientists just never seem to learn from their mistakes- at least in the movies we see them in. But anyways, they often pay the price by getting eaten by one of their own creations. Good luck dealing with the monsters left running amok due to their ignorance...


1) Giant Radiation / Genetically-Engineered Lizard Matchup!

Match the science-experiment-gone-wrong with the movie in which it appears. As always type your answer in UPPERCASE ONLY, just the one letter.

1) Godzilla
2) Carnosaur 2
3) Jurassic Park
4) The Lost World: Jurassic Park




5) Which of these four animal-attack movies featured (a) flesh-eating animal(s) which were the "result of a government experiment gone wrong"?
Elmo in Grouchland
9) In 1994's adaption of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", who played the woe-begotten man-made creature?
Robert DeNiro
Kenneth Branagh
Terry "Hulk" Hogan
Trick question- the monster was all CG - animated
6) What genetically-tampered animals mutated into the dangerous monsters of 1997's "Mimic"?
10) What precisely did Dr.Moreau do on "The Island of Dr. Moreau" in the 1996 version?
Swim, tan, drink pina coladas
Create mutant animal/human hybrid freaks
Attend hula dance lessons, go to luaus
Use genetic material from frozen meteor fragment to breed hideous monstrosities
7) How in the name of God did this happen?

Wayyy too much Johnnie Walker the night before
One scientist. One fly. One experiment gone wrong.
Had a death sentence on 12 systems, but picked fight with wrong old man.
Lobster + Radiation = Ewwww
11) How in the name of sweet Mary did this abomination come into being?

Computer bio-creation made from scientist's dream
Nazi frog-human experiment
Mr. Burns didn't care about nuclear power plant leakages
Born from alien which was created by retrieving alien DNA from a cloned human
8) In last year's shark-attack thriller "Deep Blue Sea", the scientists genetically tampered with the sharks which resulted in making them "Bigger. Smarter. Faster. Meaner." Why the heck would they do that?
Researching prehistoric ocean predators
Looking for cure for Alzheimers
Creating new prey for rich hunters
Searching for Bobby Fischer
12) In 1995's "Species", how did the scientists come about creating the luscious non-human killer Natasha Henstridge?
Cut out photos from 'Playboy', fed them into computer scanner
Creating army weapon, added cat DNA
Found some wacked out stuff on the 'net
Received alien transmission