*** Anything But Mickey    

Well Disney used to be the undisputed champ. Sure there were always detractors, but they've pretty much reigned supreme. However, there's always been lots more than just the rodent, and recently they're givin' him more of a run for his money. Check 'em out.

1) What do the two 70's animated flicks "Lord of the Rings" and "Fritz the Cat" have in common?
Both directed by Ralph Bakshi
Both feature X-rated scenes
Both are parts of trilogies
Both have claymation scenes
6) Which anime flick DOESN'T belong with the others?
Ghost in the Shell
Princess Mononoke
Kiki's Delivery Service
My Neighbor Totoro
2) What DON'T we see in the Dreamworks release "Prince of Egypt"?
Parting of the Red Sea
Dancing and singing hieroglyphics on temple wall
Swarms of locusts
Giant statue sinking completely into sand
7) What flick is this pic from?

Animal Farm
Secret of NIMH
Watership Down
The Velveteen Rabbit
3) What kind of gang do we see Akira in at the start of the classic 1988 Japanimation movie of the same name?
Yakuza (mafia)
Bank robber
8) What does the Iron Giant say just before he flies himself into the missile to save everyone else at the end of the movie?
Rest in Peace
4) What do the recently released flicks "Pokemon the First Movie" and "Toy Story 2" have in common?
Released during the same week
Both had tie-ins with MacDonald's
Both have held the title for highest opening weekend gross ever of an animated movie
Both featured the voice talents of John Ratzenberger
9) What does traditional hand drawn animation have to do with the Star Wars saga?
Jabba the Hutt was originally to be drawn in hand drawn animation style
The mynocks in the asteroid-creatures belly were hand animated
The jawas' eyes in Star Wars (only, not Jedi) were all drawn in by hand
Boba Fett was introduced in a short animated segment on the Star Wars Holiday special
5) What flick is this sound from?
Duck Tales
Space Jam
Heavy Metal

10) OK, one Disney question. In 1999 an animated Disney feature release on video was recalled prior to shipping due to porno being spliced into it ala 'Fight Club'. Which movie was it?
The Rescuers
The Fox and the Hound