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One of the current Canuck comedy kingpins reigning supreme in Hollywood is Mike Myers. And with Austin Powers 3 in the works, he's set for another stellar year in 2002, so see if you can recall his past shenanigans for this week's quiz...

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1 - 8) Quote, Character, Flick Match-A-Rama!

Match the quote on the left to the movie in which it was spoken by Mike. There's one extra movie in the list so be careful! Then, choose the pic of the character Mike was playing who spoke the quote.

Listen to Quote Choose the Movie Choose the Character
1) Quote #1 A B C D
2) Quote #2 A B C D
3) Quote #3 A B C D
4) Quote #4 A B C D




9) Which WASN'T the name of a character Mike played in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"?
Austin Danger Powers
Basil Exposition
Dr. Evil
Fat Bastard
12) In which music video did Mike appear?
"Beautiful Stranger" - Madonna
"Dancing on the Ceiling" - Lionel Ritchie
"Original Prankster" - The Offspring
"White Love" - Speed
10) What movie did Mike have a cameo in?
The Empire Strikes Back
Dumb and Dumber
Mystery, Alaska
13) Which character did Mike voice in the 2001 smash "Shrek"?

11) What was Mike's role in the 1998 flick "54"?
Card shark
Ladies lingerie model
International chess champion
Club owner
14) Super-toughie to end! What Canadian TV show did Mike once have a guest-role on in his young acting days?
The Littlest Hobo
The Beachcombers
Degrassi Jr. High
The Friendly Giant


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