* What Is The Matrix?    

The all-time cool sci-fi, action, kung-fu epic graced the silver screen last spring. And with parts two and three booked to slam into theaters in 2002, it just seems like a good idea to kick back, relax, and plug in so ya don't lose your Matrix edge...


1 - 6) Hacker Handle Match-Up

Match the face to the handle.

7) What distracts Keanu when he's taking a stroll with Laurence Fishburne in a Matrix-simulation?
Screeching monkey
Helicopter overhead
Sexy woman in red dress
'Survivor' playing on TV in store window
12) What tattoo does Keanu see that makes him leave his apartment at the start of the movie and head out to the nightclub?
White rabbit
Blue snake
Moroccan Pirate skull
Replica of Edward Munch's "The Scream"
8) What was the nickname for the floating robot things (the Sentinels) that search for Laurence's ship?
Slippery Jims
13) Keanu gets a deja-vu flash, which warns the others something foul is afoot in the Matrix. What does he see twice?
Hot threesome with John Ritter and two Swedish babes
A big-ass spider crawling up a wall
A black cat walking past a doorway
Two circus clowns shooting whiskey
9) What does Keanu say after he completes his first 10-hour stint of brain-direct-fed education?
"I know kung-fu."
"What is the Matrix?"
"Show me the money!"
"I'm ready to kick ass!"
14) Complete this quote.
"Not too bright though."
"Pamela Anderson."
"The Matrix."
"The One."
10) Whose sunglasses didn't have normal frames that go to the ears?
Laurence Fishburne's
Carrie-Ann Moss' (Main chick)
Harrison Ford's
15) What was the name of Laurence's ship?
11) What city does the Matrix take place in?
New York
Trick Question - they don't say
16) Who DOESN'T get hit by a bullet?
Carrie-Ann Moss
Trick Question - they all do


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