* Movie Math    

Once again, time for something a little different...

This quiz involves a little calculating of the correct answer. Select the numbers that give the correct number needed to complete the movie title. There may be more than one combination of numbers used to get your result, that doesn't matter. Only the final answer is scored.

Press the 'Calculate' button to get your answer to appear. You can press Calculate as many times as necessary.

Now get your math caps on and get cracking!

1) Complete the classic franchise movie title

"Friday the th"

6) A tough calculation for this Harrison Ford flick
( x
) ÷

"K : The Widowmaker"
2) Calculate this movie title

"How to Lose a Guy in Days"

7) Easy add 'em up for this 90's flick

"Apollo "
3) Come up with the horror movie title

" Days Later"
8) Yikes! Figure out this Disney flick
(( +
) x

" Dalmatians"
4) Figure out this flick name
( +
) x

" House of a Corpses"
9) Count up this 2000 flick
( ÷
) +

"U- "

5) Divvy up this 2002 movie title

" Mile"
10) Subtract your way to this 2003 movie title

" Grams"