** More Kungfu Fighting!    

Chop-sockey flicks never go out of style. Your challenge is to kick and punch your way through this sequel to one of our classic early quizzes...

No sound on your computer? Hints are at the bottom.

1-6) Kungfu fighters matchup!

Match the kungfu fighting body shots to the fighters they are from. Two extra names thrown into the brawl to keep things lively!

7) Which movie had kungfu-proficient vampires?
Interview With the Vampire
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
The Flying Guillotine

12) What did Jackie Chan do to increase his fighting ability in the classic "Drunken Master"?
Kiss girls
Get encouraged by his old drunken teacher
Drink alcohol

Sing old folk songs
8) What did Jet Li swing around on a rope in the final martial-arts battle of 1995's "The Enforcer"?
Big iron pot
Bar stool
Ship's anchor
His son
13) How did Bruce Lee (the character) get his back injured in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story"?
Fighting bullies at university campus
Fighting for right to teach his students
Fighting to protect his new bride

Hauling piano up flight of stairs
9) What was one of the bad-ass kungfu gangs in "Big Trouble in Little China"?
Wing Kong
Kin Ha
Chang Mai
Wu Tang
14) Speaking of Bruce, who does he use his lightning fast kicks and punches on to defeat and kill in his first fight of the island tournament in "Enter the Dragon"?
White guy with scar on face
Bully guy from New Zealand
Bolo Yeung

Jackie Chan
10) What flick is this classic line from?
Kung-Fu: The Movie
Mission: Impossible 2

Code of Silence
15) Which of these martial arts stars speaks fluent Japanese?
Jean Claude Van Damme
Jet Li
Jackie Chan

Steven Seagal
11) Which ISN'T a Shaw Brothers movie?
4 Assassins
5 Deadly Venoms
5 Masters of Death

6 Shadow Fighters
16) Of the pictures in the first questions above, which one is a shot from "Enter the Dragon"?




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