** Kung Fu Fighting!    

By special request, a quiz full of chop-socky questions trickier than one of those Chinese thumb puzzle things... y'know, where you can't get your thumbs out... or somethin.. like that.


1-4) First Four Fightin' Styles Special!
Match the Martial artist to their main style of fighting. Choose from the styles in the drop down boxes. Hint: each style is used once!

1) Bruce Lee
2) Steven Seagal
3) Jet Li
4) Jeff Speakman
5) What was the title of Bruce Lee's first 'major' Hong Kong hit movie, released in 1971?
The Big Boss
Fists of Fury
Tang shan da xiong
Trick question - they were all used
10) Which style of martial art HASN'T Jackie Chan used in a film?
6) Which two stars HAVEN'T been paired together for a martial-arts action- extravaganza?
Jet Li and Jeff Speakman
Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung
Chris Farley and Robin Shou
11) In "The Karate Kid", what exercise DOESN'T Daniel-san have to do to boost his karate move arsenal ?
Beat the carpets
Paint the fence
Wax the cars
Stand on one leg and raise his arms like a little fairy princess
7) In 1985's "No Retreat, No Surrender", which up and comer in the martial arts movie world played the bad Russian guy, Ivan?
Steven Seagal
Jean Claude Van Damme
Jeff Speakman
Dolph Lungren
12) What ninja movie is this poster from?

Nine Deaths of the Ninja
Enter the Ninja
Revenge of the Ninja
The Nutty Ninjas
8) What DOESN'T Steven Seagal do to the Jamaican druglord at the end of "Marked for Death" ?
Gouge out his eyes
Break his back
Throw him down an elevator shaft
Break pool cue over his head
13) Jet Li starred in a remake of what Bruce Lee classic?
Game of Death
Enter the Dragon
Chinese Connection
The Big Boss

9) Who did Jean Claude have to fight at the end of Bloodsport ?


14) This plot summary of a classic martial arts movie appears on one fan page on the net. What's the movie?
XXXX is the 1985 martial arts film that should have swept the Academy Awards. It stars Kurt Thomas as Jonathan Cabot, in such a wonderful script. Cabot is recruited by the government to go to the third world country of Parmistan, so the U.S. Government can set up a missile base there. It seems simple enough, but any who enter Parmistan must play The Game. The Game is a rigorous obsticle course in which competetors survive deadly obsticles and all thoughout are chased by ninjas. Cabot is trained to survive the game by the western trainer (Sonny Barnes) and the eastern trainer (Tadashi Yamashita, in a career making role). He is also taught to "not trust anyone" by the Princess Rubali of Parmistan. While his fighting skills increase, so does his love for the princess. He combines the fighting skills of the west with the martial arts skills of the east. Right before he leaves, he gives into the urges and makes love to the Princess in an unforgetable scene of passion, expertly handled by Clouse.

Bloodfist 2: The Road Back
Citizen Kane
Black Eagle