* Jumpin' Jack Flash

Jack Jack Jack.

1) What famous line does Jack Nicholson say during this scene in "The Shining" ?

this, or
this ?
6) What was the 1991 movie "New Jack City" about?
Drug lord who sells crack and the police who try to stop him
Battle to return the galaxy to freedom from the cruel tyranny of the Empire
Irish immigrants and their struggle to survive in turn of the century New York
Young college vixen who refers to all her sexual conquests as "Jack"
2) Where does Jack (Keanu) shoot his partner Harry in the action-extravaganza "Speed"?
7) In that low budget-indies flick "Titanic", DiCaprio played "Jack Dawson". What was Kate Winslett's character's name?
3) Jack Ryan is a character in which movie?
The Abyss
Star Wars: Episode I- The Phanom Menace
Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke
The Hunt For Red October
8) Which Hollywood "Jack" appeared in both "Tango and Cash" and "City Slickers"?
Jack Nicholson
Jacques Blacque Shellac
Jack Palance
Jack Mioff
4) Who DIDN'T appear in the Tarnatino flick "Jackie Brown"?
Robert DeNiro
Michael Keaton
Samuel L. Jackson
Bruce Willis
9) Which character from the "Rocky" movie series starred in the 1988 flop fest "Action Jackson"?
Sylvester Stallone
Carl Weathers
Dolph Lundgren
5) Whose face was on this movie poster?
Chris Rock
Robin Williams
Chris Farley
Robin Givens

10) The tagline is "He's chillin'... and killin'." Here's the cover. What's the movie?

Jack Frost
Jack II: Back From Hell
Frosty's Bad Ass Brother, Jack
The Cuddly Ice Cream Man




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