* Island in the Sun    

If you live anywhere that's been snow, ice, and freezing temperatures for the last few months, you're probably ready to get the hell out of dodge. Well we can't help you there, but we can provide a quiz this week that brings to mind warmer climates, so have fun...


1 - 4) Island shot

Match the island pic to the movie in which it is from. This set shouldn't be too hard, but as always there are extra flicks in the list so choose wisely!

5) How did the spy kids get to the island of lost dreams in "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams"?
Dragonfly-shaped submarine
Shark-shaped submarine
Stingray-shaped submarine
Monkey-shaped submarine

9) In which Arnie movie does he end up on a dictator's island blowing up the crap out of everything?
Red Heat
6) Which movie DIDN'T feature a martial arts tournament on an island?
Mortal Kombat
Enter the Dragon
Trick question - they all did
10) In which country did Leonardo DicCaprio find his island getaway in "The Beach"?
Trick question - none of them

7) Which horror movie's sequel took place on a tropical island?
The Hours
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Scream 2
11) What was the name of the island where the expedition team found "King Kong" in the original classic?
Kong Island
Rhode Island
Skull Island
Ninja Island
8) How did Tom Hanks end up on his deserted island in "Castaway"?
Plane crashed
Boat sank
Helicopter malfunctioned
Jet ski ran out of gas
12) Who was behind all the no-good shenanigans on 'Spooky Island' in the 2002 flick "Scooby-Doo"?
Daffy Duck
Old Man Smithers
Keyser Soze

Scrappy Doo