** Intergalactic Terror    

Deep cold space. Mutated, hideous aliens... Hungry, mutated aliens. Yeahhhhh, nuthin' like a good sci-fi-scary movie. Venture into this week's abyss of trivia..... IF YOU DARE!!!!

1) How did Ripley kill the alien, in the mother of all sci-fi / horror flicks "Alien"?
Blows it out airlock
Shoots it with pulse rifle
Burns it
With the candlestick in the Library
6) What alien is this pic from?

Smokey and the Bandit
Alien Resurrection
Species II
2) What animal DIDN'T the alien transform into, in John Carpenter's classic 1982 version of "The Thing"?
Trick Question - All of the above
7) Why couldn't the marines use their pulse rifles in the first battle, in Cameron's classic "Aliens"?
Might setoff explosion in facility
Had orders to capture aliens
Didn't bring ammo
Noise pollution bylaws
3) How did the giant, slimy 'smart' bugs of "Starship Troopers" gain knowledge about their human enemies?
Intercepted coded transmissions
Watched CNN
Sucked out human's brains
Morphed into human form, blended in with their enemies, and eavesdropped
8) In what's generally considered the 'scariest' Star Trek flick, 'First Contact', how does the Borg queen try to get the computer access codes?
Torture Picard
Seduce Data
Hack Internet site
Tease Geordi
4) In 1985's cheesy fx-fest "Lifeforce", how long did it take you to turn into a zombie-vampire if you were attacked by a space vampire?
Three minutes
Two hours
Six days
Three years
9) Which ISN'T an actual sci-fi / thriller (horror)?
Dark Galaxy
Galaxy of Terror
Alien: Resurrection
5) Who DIDN'T star In the ho-hum space-horror "Event Horizon"?
Jeff Goldblum
Sam Neill
Laurence Fishburne
Trick Question - they all did
10) What movie is this oldie, but goodie, but toughie quote from?
When Worlds Collide
War of the Worlds
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Cool as Ice (starring Vanilla Ice)

11) This dim look at the alien is all you get. What movie is it from?

Alien 3
Pitch Black
Enemy Mine
Pokemon 2000