*** Towering Infernoes    

Oh powerful fire- bringer of light.... all worship the god fire!!! Cook the meat, scare away the bad animals. Fire..... be wary of the angry god fire!! It burns, it burns !!!!!

1) What movie is this pic from? (click on pic to get a better look)
Die Hard
Last Action Hero
6) In which movie do we see Tom Cruise in firefighting gear?
Risky Business
Far and Away
Days of Thunder
The Color of Money
Mission: Impossible
2) What movie is this fiery quote from? (On all the 'type in the answers' questions, capitalization and spacing don't matter- just watch your spelling)

7) What movie is this pic from? (click on pic to get a better look)

The Bone Collector
The Towering Inferno
Raiders of the Lost Ark
3) Which movie featured the characters Naoh, Amoukar, and Gaw?
8) What 'Fire' movie is this quote from?
In the Line of Fire
St. Elmo's Fire
Fire Down Below (1997)
Fire in the Sky
4) What three things did Hans tell Eddie (the fake security guard) to do to cancel the fire alarm John McClane caused in "Die Hard"?
Reset computer system Use dead guard's name
Call 911 Use dead guard's badge number
Call operator Use building code
9) Which flick centered on a firefighting pilot's ghost?

5) At what kind of building did Steve Martin and his firemen crew have to put out an actual fire at the end of "Roxanne"?
10) Which actor's / actresses' face is under this happy face? Choose from the drop down list.



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