** Helicopters    

What's a good action movie without a couple of flying gunships? That's the question we ask you to reflect on as you whirl your way through this week's quiz...

1) What documents are the slimy businessman Roth carrying when he tries to escape by helicopter in the new release "Romeo Must Die"?
Back issues of "Oui"
Evidence that will put Jet Li in jail
Documents needed to secure NFL team purchase
Stolen scientific papers on the tobacco industry
6) In what movie DON'T we see a helicopter get destroyed?
Deep Blue Sea
Batman Forever
Tomorrow Never Dies
Lethal Weapon
2) Which movie DON'T we see someone hanging from a rope / ladder suspended under a flying helicopter?
The Matrix
Under Seige 2
Lethal Weapon 2
7) What movie is this poster detail from?

Darkman 2
Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Chain Reaction
Eve of Destruction
3) What was a snazzy feature of the helicopter in the 1983 Roy Schneider flick "Blue Thunder"?
Can turn invisible
Whisper mode
Disrupts electronic devices with pulse
Could break speed of sound
8) In what movie does some dude get killed by falling through spinning helicopter blades?
Last Boy Scout
License to Kill
Night Hawks
4) How does the helicopter get destroyed in the original "Die Hard"?
Surface to air missile
Machine gun shots to fuel tanks
Caught in massive roof explosion
Fire hose caught in propellers
9) What does Riggs say to Lorna (Rene Russo) in the medi-copter at the end of Lethal Weapon 3?
"I love you"
"Heli help has arrived"
"You sure you're OK?"
"Chopper shmopper"
5) What country are the guys in the chopper who are firing at the husky dog from, at the start of John Carpenter's "The Thing"?
10) How does Arnie destroy the enemy chopper at the end of "True Lies"?
Hurls Austrian insults
Lobs grenade inside it
Swings construction site crane wrecking ball into it as it flies by
Fires missile from his jump jet