** Heist Flicks    

Don't those elaborately planned bank jobs you see in movies always make you want to go out and try one yourself? Well, maybe it's just me... Anyhow, deal with crooks from the silver screen in this week's quiz.


1 - 4) Match 'em up!

Match the main score that the crooks were after with the movie in which they went after it. There are a few extra

1) City of Industry
2) The Score
3) Heist
4) Heat
5) What stolen item from the bank job did Don hold on to for himself in the 2000 British gangster flick "Sexy Beast"?
Gold bar
Jade box
10) Which heist movie contained the self-explanatory quote "Everybody needs money! That's why they call it money!"?
Hudson Hawk


6) What did the 'Alphabet Bandits' of "Beverly Hills Cop II" knock off?
Hot dog stand
Chinese gambling den
Race track
Gold depository
11) Which movie featured this gang of bank robbers? (Spacing and punctuation don't matter)

7) Which WASN'T a casino that George Clooney and his crew were stealing money from in the 2001 remake of "Ocean's Eleven"?
MGM Grand
12) Which movie featured an air-to-air heist which involved moving stolen cash between two flying airplanes?
Turbulence 2
Con Air
Death to Smoochy

8) What final step did the thieves of "Die Hard" need the F.B.I to do so that they could open the vault?
Blow up roof
Shut down phone lines
Fly into side of building with helicopter
Cut power
13) What did the organizer of the military bank robbers send each of the men to get them interested in his scheme in the British oldie "League of Gentlemen"?
Half a bank note
Vault blueprint
Compromising photographs of each man
Gold wafer
9) What did "The Seven Thieves" do with the four million dollars they stole at the end of the 1960 casino-heist caper?
Buy small island
Give it back
Trade it to mob for one member's family
Donate it to charity
14) In the 007 flick "Goldfinger", Auric Goldfinger devised a brilliant plan to break into and seize control of Fort Knox. However, he wasn't going to steal the gold. What was he going to do?
Bury it
Nuke it
Melt it
Eat it