* Hallowe'en v3.3    

Last week was nothing but a few cuts and bruises compared to this week's horror movie trivia slaughterhouse. Brace yourself for some toughies and see if you can make it out alive...

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1 - 5) Horror Quote Match-Up Massacre!

Match the numbered quote on the left to the letterd quote on the right that is from the same movie.

1) Quote #1 ... Quote A
2) Quote #2 ... Quote B
3) Quote #3 ... Quote C
4) Quote #4 ... Quote D
5) Quote #5 ... Quote E
6) How did Kevin Bacon's character die in the original "Friday the 13th"?
Arrow through neck
Ice pick in eye
Axe to chest
Machete to groin
10) How did Satan try to get into our world at the end of the John Carpenter flick "Prince of Darkness"?
Through mirror
Possess a virgin
Up through well

Form out of green goop
7) What was the first bird to attack Tippi Hedren in "The Birds"?
11) What was the name of the spirit the little girl said she contacted with her Ouija board in "The Exorcist"?
Mr. Chuckles
Dr. Lovely
Captain Howdy
Sergeant Skip
8) What movie is this pic from?

12) How did the 'report card' boy commit suicide and become a ghost in the spook-tacular 2002 Chinese horror flick "The Eye"?
Cut own throat
Hung self
Set self on fire

Jumped out window
9) Who is the master of the Cenobites, and the Lord of Hell, in the "Hellraiser" movies?
13) And last but not least, what movie featured this scene



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