*** Hallowe'en v3.2    

And now it's time for the devilishly difficult half of our annual Hallowe'en pair o' quizzes. So don't go down to the basement, don't investigate that rustling in the bushes, and don't ask "Who's there?" if you hope to escape the clutches of this week's quiz...

No sound on your computer? Hints are at the bottom.

1 - 4) Horror Anthology Match-Up!

Match the scary-segment to the horror anthology movie in which it appeared. There are a few extra segments in the list, so be wary...

1) Cat's Eye
2) Creepshow
3) Creepshow 2
4) Trilogy of Terror
5) Twilight Zone: The Movie
6) In this famous movie-ghost pic, the boy standing in the background was not part of the filmed scene. In fact, urban legend has it he is a ghost who appears for only a few seconds. Which actor's face from this scene has been blocked out with a skull?

James Woods
Tom Selleck
Steve Guttenberg
Ted Danson
10) What movie is this murderous line from?

7) Who the heck is this freak?

11) Which movie was famous, in its day, for a shot of a man's head exploding?
Maniac Cop

8) In which of these "Friday the 13th" flicks did Jason kill the most people?
Friday the 13th - Part II
Friday the 13th - Jason Lives
Friday the 13th - A New Beginning
Friday the 13th - The New Blood
12) In which slasher flick's story was there a mine explosion in which the survivor became a multiple murderer?
Happy Birthday to Me
April Fool's Day
Prom Night

My Bloody Valentine
9) What was the killer's license plate on his spooky truck in "Jeepers Creepers"?
13) What movie is this terrifying pic from?

Sleepaway Camp

Ghost Story
Serpent and the Rainbow

A Stir of Echoes
Prince of Darkness
Hell Night


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