*** Hallowe'en 3

I'd like to welcome you to our second installment of spine-tingling trivia action. This week should provide more of a chilling challenge than last week, but the true horror buff should find him or herself in one piece after their through...

1-3) Still kickin' after being burned, electrocuted, shot, stabbed and otherwise punished, Jason, Michael, and Freddy keep coming back for more. Type in the movie number (part) of the series these poster details are from (eg, if it's part 2 just type '2').
4) Know how the evil monkey breed in Peter Jackson's classic gorefest "Braindead" originally came into being? Choose away...
Genetically altered by scientist
Kid's pet cursed by Chinese shop owner
Rats came off slave ship; raped tree monkeys
Raised only on blood and brains of kidnapped circus performers
8) Last movie he's done is a lame-o Meryl Streep flick called "Music of the Heart", but Wes Craven has had some good bone-chillin scary flick creation in his day. Which movie DIDN'T he direct?
Swamp Thing
Vampire In Brooklyn
Scream 2
5) What horrible thing DOESN'T happen in the 1986 gross-out classic "The Kindred"?
Woman mutates into fish freak
Mad scientist operates on cat while it's still concious
Tentacled monster-kid kills dog
Man choked by his own slithering instentine
9) Summer this year featured the sleeper hit "Blair Witch Project." What was the name of the town Mike, Heather, and Josh start their 'witch hunt' from?
Peneca Creek
Potter's Rock
Anchor Head
6) You may or may not have seen the flicks from the 'Puppetmaster' series, but if not, why not? Which one of these little guys ISN'T a killer puppet from the series?
Leech woman
The Surgeon
10) Audio hint time. Kind of a toughie so you get TWO hints for the price of one today- both from the same flick. Which one?
Hint #1
Hint #2

From Dusk Till Dawn
Near Dark
Interview With the Vampire
7) Did you see Carrie 2 or the follow up to Pumpkinhead? Well, me neither. But here's a toughie: choose all the movies from this list that DON'T have sequels. Type your answer in as one string of letters in ALL CAPITALS (no spaces or punctuation either).
A. The Creature From the Black Lagoon
B. The Exorcist
C. The Blob
D. Firestarter
E. Psycho
F. Creepshow
11) And finally, what movie is this lovely young pup from?

An American Werewolf in London
The Changeling




Secret Movie


What's the Secret Movie in this week's quiz?!?


No sound on your computer? Here are some text hints for ya.