* Hallowe'en v1.4    

Our annual easy fright-fest is back in black! Knives, axes, blood, guts, and more of the good stuff is here. And, if you like horror, this week's quiz should leave you with a chance to survive. Next week, however, may become a real blood-bath.


1 - 5) Monster Music Mash!

Listen to these goose-bump raising clips of music from well-known horror flicks, and match 'em to the movie they are from. Be warned! There is an extra, uninvited movie in the list so choose wisely...

1) Spooky Clip #1
2) Spooky Clip #2
3) Spooky Clip #3
4) Spooky Clip #4
5) Spooky Clip #5
6) What was the original Frankenstein's monster made out of, in the 1931 Boris Karloff monster classic "Frankenstein"?
Dead human body parts
Metal and cow meat
Space alien creation
Paper mache
9) What country did the kinda-zombie thriller "28 Days Later" take place in?
7) What, basically, was "Nosferatu" in the 1922 German horror benchmark?
Russian pop-singing duo
10) Where did the "Alien" incubate, and later emerge from, after the hand-like alien had lain its eggs in the 1979 horror classic?
Hole inside elm tree

Sleeping bag

8) Which rocker directed the recent cult-fave (but personally, sucky) horror flick "House of a 1000 Corpses"?
The artist formally known as Prince, or whatever the hell he's called nowadays
Alice Cooper
Justin Timberlake
Rob Zombie
11) Which movie DIDN'T feature zombiess?
Resident Evil
Day of the Dead
Dead Again

12 - 15) Hands o' Horror!!

Match up the horror icon's hand to the movie in which he/she/it appeared...
The hand may be from a shot of the killer, or from a movie poster for one of the killer's movies. Also be warned, an extra psychopath has slipped into the list, so choose wisely!



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