* Hallowe'en v1.1    

Ahhhhh.... that time of the year again, when a young lad's thoughts turn to skeletons, ghosts, and gore. So pick up your trusty chainsaw and try to hack n' slash your way through this week's easy horror quiz, to be followed by something a little more sinister next week....


1-4) Name the Villian

Select the villian's or monster's name from the drop down list.

5) What happens when ghosts are in a room in "The Sixth Sense"?
Person can see own breath
Room gets very hot
Doors, windows slam shut
Creepy organ music starts playing
9) What was the "House on Haunted Hill" before being a party site in the 1999 flick?
Giant crypt for rich man
Insane asylum
Prison for women
Haunted house for amusement park
6) What's the sub-title to the new re-release of "The Exorcist"?
Hell Reborn
The Version You've Never Seen
The Director's Cut
It's Some Real Scary Sh*t
10) What's the sub-title to the upcoming "Blair Witch 2"?
Black Forest
High Noon at Mega Mountain
Well of Souls

Book of Shadows
7) In the new "Lost Souls", what is Winona Ryder trying to stop?
Herself gaining five pounds
Spirits not finding their way to heaven
Satan taking over body of man
Serial killer stalking church-goers
11) Which movie didn't have vampires?
Dark City
From Dusk Till Dawn
Near Dark

8) Which movie is this guy from?


Dark City
The Hills Have Eyes
Dr. T and the Women
12) Why were the kids targetted by Death in "Final Destination"?
Got off plane before crash
Fooled around with Ouija board
'Flatlined', then revived each other after technical death

Escaped train wreck without a scratch on them