** 24 Karat

Ahhh gold. Worth more than silver, looks better than platinum. And whenever it's used in movies, it makes 'em just that much more shiny and valuable...

(1) In "Goldfinger", what was the villian's (Auric Goldfinger) final target of his diabolical plan?
Gold depository in Zurich
World's largest gold mine
Fort Knox
To rule the galaxy as father and son, with son Mark Hamill
(6) In the 1985 Eddie Murphy vehicle "The Golden Child", what neat trick does the little Buddhist-reincarnated-monk kid do?
Summons a golden monkey to help him escape
Stands on his head, gives self 'golden-shower'
Changes a Pepsi can into a little dancing man
Perfectly imitates voice of James Earl Jones
(2) What golden movie DIDN'T star Goldie Hawn?
Bird on a Wire
Foul Play
Heaven Can Wait
(7) What golden movie is this line from?
The Man With the Golden Gun
Ducktales: Treasure of the Golden Suns
(3) Which "Die Hard" movie featured gold as the main target of the criminals ?
Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Die Hard: With A Vengeance
Trick question- none of them did
(8) Which of the following is TRUE of Indy just before he grabs the gold idol at the start of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" ?
He isn't wearing his hat
He whistles the "Indy march"
He looks behind the pedestal
He decides his initial guestimate of the weight of the idol was wrong
(4) What movie came before this movie? (hint: this movie has the word 'Gold' in the title)

Treasure of Sierra Madre
Annie: The movie
Treasure of the Three Crowns
King Solomon's Mines
(9) In the 1999 flick "The Mummy", the adventurers go here. What's the name of this place?

(5) What does Han Solo call C3PO in "The Empire Strikes Back" ?
Golden Rod
Goldie Monkey
Gold-diggin scallywag
Golden Puppet
(10) Which ISN'T an actual movie title?
Golden Ninja Warrior
Golden Penetrator, Silver Violator
Golden Queen's Commando