*** Ghost in the Shell    

Those spooks of the silver screen can add a much-needed chill and thrill to any scary movie. See if you can handle the evil vibes given off by the spirits of this week's quiz...

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1-2) Spot the Ghost

Select all the movie shots where at least one of the characters shown is a ghost. This question is worth double points so choose wisely!

3) What movie is this line from? (spacing and capitalization don't matter)

7) In the spook-fest "Poltergeist", what did one of the lab guys eat in the ktichen, only to see that it was covered in maggots?
4) How did the college student, whose ghost came back to haunt Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in "What Lies Beneath", commit suicide?
Sleeping pills
Drowned herself in lake

Trick Question - she didn't
8) What movie is this ghost from?

The Frighteners

High Tomb
Ghostbusters 2
High Spirits
5) Scary Movie 2 featured one parody scene involving a ball bouncing down a set of stairs and stopping at the bottom. What ghost story was this originally from?
House on Haunted Hill
The Haunting
Last House on the Left
The Changeling
9) Which smash movie was supposedly based on a true events that happened in 1975?
The Amytiville Horror
The Hills Have Eyes

The Innocents
6) Which 'Ghost' movie isn't about supernatural spirits?
Ghost Fever
Ghost World
Ghost Story
10) How many high school students died on the same day at the opening of the ultra-cool-spooky Japanese flick "Ring"?



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