** General Movie Knowledge    

This week's quiz isn't on any movie in particular, rather just some bits and bites of the industry as a whole. Go Hollywood with this week's quiz...


1-6) Movie studio logo Madness!

Match the logo to the studio. As usual, a few extra in the list to keep things lively...

7) What does a 'best boy' do?
Assists on lighting or as an electrician
Operates boom mikes
Various errands for the director and stars
Operates the 'clap board' used to mark the start of a take

10) The American movie rating 'PG-13' was spawned after an outcry over a certain movie that parental groups said should have fallen between 'PG' and 'R'. What was the movie?
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The Amytiville Horror
The Golden Child
8) Under which movie giant's vision was the THX sound system established?
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
Joel Silver
James Cameron

11) What's the deal with Allan Smithee?
Name used when the director of a film wishes not to attach his name to the movie's release
Founder of S.A.G (Screen Actor's Guild)
Pen name used for blackballed writers in the 50's and 60's to be able to work in Hollywood
Mysterious name for a movie producer who no one really knows the true identity of
9) Which was the first Best Picture Academy Award winner?
Birth of a Nation
The General
12) Many recent DVD releases contain extra surprises that are not listed as features on the packaging or as a menu choice. For example, if you click on a rose icon on one of the menu screens on the "X-Men" DVD, you will see a clip of Spiderman running onto the set as a prank while filming . What are these hidden 'surprises' known as?
Easter eggs