*** The Future Ain't What it Used to Be

Weren't we supposed to have robots and flying cars by now? Those movies lied, they lied to us! See if you can remember how the future was supposed to be in this brain-cracker.

(1) When was Skynet supposed to go ballistic and launch nukes in "The Terminator"?
September 14, 1996
August 27, 1997
April 18, 1998
May 1, 1999
(6) Surprisingly, one of the baseball predictions made in the late eighties in "Back to the Future Part II" came true roughly a decade later. What was it?
Home run record broken in 1998
Florida wins World Series in 1997
Japanese pitchers play in majors in 1996
World Series to go to playoff format
(2) In what year does Kurt Russell, a.k.a. Snake Plisken try to rescue the president in the 1981 flick "Escape From New York"?
(7) In 1993's "Demolition Man", what event triggered the change from the war-zone LA was in 1998 to the peaceful LA in which Stallone is re-awakened to catch Wesley Snipes?
Nuclear war
(3) What is the name of the virtual reality head units which are hot black market items in 1999, in 1995's "Strange Days"?
The wire
The boot
The jack
(8) In the 1997 L.A of 1990's "Predator 2", the streets are ruled by two gangs. What are they?
Jamaican and Colombian
Jamaican and Voodoo Haitian
Voodoo Haitian and Argentinian
Voodoo Haitian and Skinheads
(4) The 1995 movie "Virtuosity" starring Denzel Washington was also set in 1999. What technology supposedly available in this year allowed the cyber-killer SID 6.7 to regenerate itself ala the T-1000?
Gears and pulleys such as those found in fine Swiss clocks
Cold fusion
(9) In the movie (and book) "1984", the world is dominated by an oppresive "big-brother" government. What does the main character of the story illegally do?
Try to have children
Kill someone
Fall in love
Openly question government's version of history
(5) Which movie poster ISN'T from a film that takes place in the future?

(10) Complete this quote:
" On the 5th of February 1990."
"On the 12th of January 1992."
"On the 10th of September, 1997."
" And guess what I've got in my pocket."