Freddy Vs.


Two heavy weights with over 17 franchise appearances between them, next years upcoming "Freddy Vs. Jason" movie should appease fans of the splatter genre. Until then, make due with this quiz pitting the two titans of terror in a head to head trivia bloodbath....


1 - 6) Death-o-matic

Choose which killer was responsible for the death pictured below. Beware, some are neither Jason's nor Freddy's handiwork- in that case choose 'Neither'.

7) What was Freddy known as when he was alive and killing little kids?
Springwood Slasher
Monster of Collingwood
Angel of Death
Fairchild Ripper
10) Which ISN'T a sub-title from a Friday the 13th movie?
The New Blood
Jason Lives

A New Beginning
8) What was the name of Jason's half-sister?

11) The director of the upcoming "Freddy Vs. Jason", Ronny Yu, has previously directed an entry in which horror franchise?
Puppet Master
From Dusk Till Dawn
Child's Play
9) Which ISN'T a sub-title from a Nightmare on Elm Street movie?
The Dream Master
The Dream Child
Dream Warriors
Dream Walkers
12) Which actor or actress has dropped out of the filming of "Freddy Vs. Jason"?
Brad Renfro
Jason Bateman
Kelly Rowlands

Corey Haim