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A follow up to one of our more popular all time quizzes. Once again you have to filter through a big ol' list of movies and find the four that share the common trait. You can type your answer in upper or lower case, and the order of the letters doesn't matter- just type in one string of four characters.

Extra Note regarding marking:

The marking program will not show you the correct answer for each question. However, the letters that appear in your answer that are not the '#' symbol, are the one's you have incorrect. For example, if the program says

ab## .. INCORRECT.. the correct answer is ####

Then you know you have 'a' and 'b' wrong in your answer. Hard? Not really, just do the quiz and you'll see what we mean.

Use a combination of four movies below to answer each question. Some movies are used more than once, and some may not be used at all, but for each question the answer is four different movies. Note the last movie, "Under Siege", has no letter but is the number '1'. Good luck!
A) Akira J) Firefox S) Manchurian Candidate, The
B) Along Came a Spider K) First Blood T) Pi
C) Ben L) Fistful of Dollars, A U) Red Dawn
D) Black Rain M) Godzilla (1998) V) Run Lola Run
E) Bone Collector, The N) Hannibal W) Seven Samurai, The
F) Broken Arrow O) Hustler, The X) Space Cowboys
G) Capricorn One P) Ice Station Zebra Y) Three Days of the Condor
H) China Syndrome, The Q) In the Line of Fire Z) Traffic
I) Enemy of the State R) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1) Under Siege

1) Which four aren't American movies?

7) Which four movies had at least one submarine?


2) Which four were made in the 1970's?


8) Which four flicks all starred the same actor in the lead role?



3) Which four flicks had space satellites as plot components?

9) Which four movies center on a law enforcement officer tracking a psychopathic criminal genius?


4) Which four revolved around a conspiracy perpetrated by the U.S government?


10) Which four featured at least one horde of rats?


5) Which four movies were filmed in black and white?


11) Which four are sequels to earlier movies?


6) Which four featured Communists as the central antagonists of the story?


12) Which four were followed by a sequel?