** Foursomes    

Another change of pace quiz. Find the four movie combos which share the common trait asked by the question.

Note: We tried to do this quiz with all 'drop down' boxes, but the browsers couldn't handle displaying them all, thus the type in boxes. Type your answers in as one string of letters (order and upper or lowercase doesn't matter).

Extra Note regarding marking:

The marking program will not show you the correct answer for each question. However, the letters that appear in your answer that are not the '#' symbol, are the one's you have incorrect. For example, if the program says

ab## .. INCORRECT.. the correct answer is ####

Then you know you have 'a' and 'b' wrong in your answer. Hard? Not really, just do the quiz and you'll see what we mean.

Use a combination of four movies below to answer each question. Some movies are used more than once, but for each question the answer is four different movies. Note the last movie, "What Lies Beneath", has no letter but is the number '1'. Good luck!
A) Air Force One J) Frantic S) Road Trip
B) American Beauty K) Gladiator T) Road Warrior, The
C) American Pie L) In the Line of Fire U) Romeo Must Die
D) Ben Hur M) King Kong V) Ronin
E) Braveheart N) Lost World: Jurassic Park W) Rush Hour
F) Day of The Jackal O) Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc X) Shanghai Noon
G) Dreamscape P) Mighty Joe Young Y) Titanic
H) Empire Strikes Back, The Q) Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Z) Trading Places
I) Enter the Dragon R) Planet of the Apes 1) What Lies Beneath

1) Which four movies have won the Oscar for Best Picture?

6) Which four movies take place primarily in France?


2) Which four flicks had a gorilla (or gorilla-like creature) in them?

7) Which four movies star Harrison Ford?


3) Which four movies were released the summer (May to August) of 2000, in North America?

8) Which four flicks were sequels to earlier movies?


4) Which four featured a Chinese / Hong Kong actor in a lead role kicking ass?


9) Which four movies had someone trying to kill the president (of the USA or another country)?


5) Which four movies would primarily be classified as comedies? (action-comedies don't count)


10) Which four were historical drama, with their stories taking place over 200 years ago?