** Four by Four    

Time for another off-the-menu special in your weekly movie trivia diet...

See below for details...

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1-12) Four by Four!

Your mission is to select groups of actors who have starred in movies together. All the names in each horizontal and vertical row must have appeared in the same movie together. For example, in a grid that were only 2 x 2, then the names:

Harrison Ford Brad Pitt

Sean Connery

Christian Slater

would work:

-Harrison and Brad both appeared in "Devil's Own"
-Brad and Christian both appeared in "Interview With The Vampire" (and "True Romance")
-Harrison and Sean appeared in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
-Sean and Christian appeared in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"

Below is the same idea but on a larger scale. Select the names so that all horizontal and vertical rows end up with actors who have appeared together in a major Hollywood movie production. (no TV series, 'Best of' montage clips, etc- these are all major studio flicks.) The drawing on the right illustrates how the groupings work.

Good luck!