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Sometimes weeping scale, massive battles, and a 3+hour running length is just what the doctor ordered. There's been plenty of good-epic and bad-epic to find its way to the silver screen over the years, so jump in and wad through an epic-scale trivia journey...

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1-2) Enter the Epic

Type in the name of the epic movie for each of these black and white photos (the movies themselves aren't necessarily in black and white). Look closely and you can get them! Punctuation (if any) doesn't matter, but as always on these type-in-the-answer questions, watch your spelling as best you can.

3) What was the incident that triggered Ben-Hur's old friend Messala to send Ben-Hur to the slave ships and so begin his epic journey for revenge?
Burning house
Falling brick
Gladiator match
Chariot race
7) What was Rose's excuse to her evil husband Cal after her near suicide attempt of jumping over the railing of the "Titanic"?
Was hypnotized by the ocean
Was tipsy from wine
Slipped on ice on the deck
Wanted to see the propellers
4) How many years of peace did the Emperor Aurelius say that he had under his rule as emperor, in "Gladiator"?
8) What was the name of the law Longshanks enacted that gave the British lords of the region 'sexual rights' to a bride on the night of her wedding, in "Braveheart"?
Prima carus
Prima noctes
Causa adamo
Causa carnus
5) What was the name of Scarlett O'Hara's plantation in "Gone With the Wind"?
Lyndon House
Twelve Oaks
9) In the space epic "Dune", what was the name of the spice that made the desert planet so important?
6) Whose death at the hands of Jade Fox was Chow Yun-Fat trying to avenge in the martial arts epic "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"?
10) Who was the Indian who really liked to smoke, in the Costner Best-Picture winner "Dances With Wolves"?
Kicking Bird
Wind in His Hair
Ten Bears
Stone Calf

11-14) Epic Crime Matchup!

Match the quote from the epic crime flick to the movie it was from. As always, there are a few extra movies in the list so be careful... be very careful...

Warning! Lots o' strong language, both in the quotes and in their transcriptions if you are using No-Sound hints. Avert your eyes and ears if this bothers you...

11) Quote #1
12) Quote #2 13) Quote #3 14) Quote #4



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