* Egyptology    

Ya gotta love Egypt- it's got the coolest history of any country on the planet. All mighty pharaohs, mysterious pyramids, monolithic statues... So here's an easy-ish tribute to Egypt in movies.

1) The Dreamworks animated feature "The Prince of Egypt" told the story of who?
The artist formerly known as Prince
Anubis and Thoth
The late great 2Pac Shakur
Moses and Ramses
6) Complete the movie title.
"The Purple Rose of ________".
My nose
My Egyptian Pal Mr. Shloze
2) In the 1932 Universal classic "The Mummy", who played the Mummy?
Boris Karloff
Wesley Snipes
Cary Grant
Bela Lugosi
7) Elizabeth Taylor starred in what is still considered to be the most expensive movie ever made, if you take into effect inflation. What was it?
Ben Hur
The Blair Witch Project
3) What Egypt-related movie is this pic from?

Porky's 3
Spaced Invaders
8) In the Harrison Ford flick "Frantic", Harrison goes to an Egyptian nightclub in Paris. Who does he go with?
His wife
His 'longtime companion' Abdul
A monkey named named Pip
A hot young French chick
4) In "Raiders of the Lost Ark", what adventure DOESN'T happen to Indy in or around Cairo?
Finds the lost ark
Defeats sword wielding henchman with pistol
Saves Marion from burning bar
Narrowly avoids eating poisoned date
9) In what 007 flick is there an action sequence which takes place around the pyramids and sphinx at Giza?
The Pirates of Penzance
The Spy Who Loved Me
Inspector Gadget
5) In the 1999 version of "The Mummy", what cool ability DOESN'T the Mummy have?
Change into sand
Make giant guardian statues come to life and attack
Create giant sandstorm with cool face coming out of it
Self regenerate from bullet wounds

10) Which film DOESN'T have at least one sequence which takes place in Egypt?
The 5th Element
The Mummy (1999)
The Ten Commandments