** East of the Woods    

He's been on the big screen through five different decades and he's still a big draw. Sure, maybe he's a little old and wrinkly now, but he's still Clint, and he's still cool...

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1 - 8) Clint through the Years

Put these Clint pictures in the order of the year of the movie they were taken from, starting from the earliest picture (First) to the latest picture (Last).

9) What genre of films was Clint associated with, especially earlier in his career?
Screwball comedies
Period romances
Science Fiction
13) Where did Clint lead his troops at the end of "Heartbreak Ridge"?
10) Which Clint-directed movie won Best Picture at the Academy awards, with Clint also snagging Best Director?
City Heat

14) Where was the money that Clint and his buddy Jeff Bridges stole hidden in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot"?
Behind blackboard
Under pew
In statue
Beneath coffin

11) What was the first movie in which Eastwood co-star with an orangutan?
Play Misty For Me
Any Which Way You Can
Every Which Way But Loose
Honkytonk Man
15) In the WWII classic Eastwood flick "Where Eagles Dare", what was the radio call sign for Clint's group?
Johnny Boy
12) What's hanging over Clint's head in "In the Line of Fire"?
He was on JFKs secret service detail
His wife commited suicide
He was responsible for hijackers blowing up airplane

His favorite Beatle was Ringo Starr, to his everlasting shame
16) In which 'giant bug' movie of the 1950's did Clint make an appearance early in his career?
The Deadly Mantis
The Wasp Woman

17 - 21) Dirty Harry audio match-up!

Five Dirty Harry movies. Five audio clips, one from each of 'em. Match the clip to the flick.

17) Clip #1
18) Clip #2
19) Clip #3
20) Clip #4
21) Clip #5


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