*** Down Under    

With "Survivor 2" tearing up the airwaves in North America, focus once again has shifted to that wacky upside-down continent known as Australia. Ergo, it's time for a tribute to all our crazy mates from the land down under and their silly silver screen antics...

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1) What was different between the American and Australian releases of "Crocodile Dundee"?
Australian version credits only Paul Hogan as script writer
American version had quotation marks around "Crocodile" in the title
Several scenes shot twice, Australian version containing slang that Americans wouldn't understand
American version shorter by six minutes
7) These stars are all considered Australian, yet only one was actually born in Australia. Which one?
Nicole Kidman
Mel Gibson
Geoffrey Rush
Russell Crowe
2) Speaking of different releases, what was different between the American ("The Road Warrior") and Australian (Mad Max 2) releases of the 1981 classic, besides the titles?
Aussie accents dubbed over for American release
Opening 'news' footage altered to take out American role in nuclear war
Australian version three minutes longer
All of the above
8) The man speaking in this quote is referring to Australia. What movie is it from? (Again spacing and capitalization don't matter)

3) Speaking of Mad Max 2, what kind of meal did we see Mel Gibson eat in the post-apocalyptic classic?
Hot porridge
Dog food
9) Which movie featured a koala getting injured?
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Adventures of Ford Fairlane
Black Sheep
Dead Heat
Dirty Work
Men at Work
4) What Aussie horror movie is this poster detail from? (Capitalization and spacing don't matter)

10) Which upcoming big-budget sequel is filming / was filmed largely in Australia?
Mad Max 4
Matrix 2
Fellowship of the Ring
Jurassic Park 3
Star Wars: Episode II
Batman: Year One
5) Where did the bad guys of "Mission: Impossible 2" try to turn the Chimera virus loose?
Downtown Sydney
Downtown Melbourne
Downtown Canberra
Downtown Brisbane

11) This recent Aussie flick was based on a true story which primarily involved which famous U.S historical figure? (last name only)

6) What was the name of the military group that Mel Gibson and Mark Lee joined in "Gallipoli"?
ATF Corp
12) Non-movie, but it still counts! What's the capital of Australia?



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