*** Dog Day Afternoon    

There's no shortage of lovable mutts in movies, and we collect 'em up here today for your trivia pleasure. You may need a milkbone, though, to help out- some of the questions are tough this week...


1 - 4) Acting like Dogs

Choose the actor whose face has been blocked out from these dog-related movie pics. Plenty of extra actors in the list to throw off the scent so be wary!

5) Which actor HASN'T lent his voice to an animated dog?
Kurt Russell
Jeff Goldblum
Tobey Maguire
Burt Reynolds
8) What did we see "Scooby Doo" and Shaggy cooking up in the van, in the 2002 flick?
Scooby snacks
Soy burgers
Hot dogs
6) Which movie features an alien-impregnated german shephard being taken to a reservoir?
9) How much did Lilo pay to adopt Stitch from the dog pound in Lilo and Stitch? (enter your answer as a number - don't spell it out)

7) What was Mel Gibson's dog called in the 'Lethal Weapon' movies?
Trick Question - we never hear its name
10) Which ISN'T a 'Lassie' movie?
Son of Lassie
Courage of Lassie
Challenge to Lassie
Lassie Come Home
Return of Lassie


11 - 14) A Breed Apart

Match the famous dog to the breed of pooch. Beware! There are more dog breeds listed than actual movie dogs, so choose wisely...

11) Cujo
12) Air Bud
13) Old Yeller
14) The Shaggy Dog