** The Most Disgusting Quiz Ever    

This is your last chance! If you don't want to face a stomach-heaving quiz then turn away now....

Still here? OK? Well dive into a steaming pile of crap with this week's quiz.


1 - 4) Gross-out Match up!

Match the pic to the gross-out flick. As always, there are extra flicks in the list so choose with care- or else you may be sprayed by an exploding toilet...

5) What did Ben Stiller's friend advise him to do before having his date with Mary?
"Clean his pipes"
"Lighten his load"
"Plug his holes"
"Spank his chihuaha"

9) In which movies do we see one or more human eyeballs outside of their sockets?
Runaway Train Any Given Sunday
Evil Dead II The Scorpion King
Minority Report Scream 3
6) What did one of the "Jackass: The Movie" guys consume?
Glass o' saliva
Shit pie
Yellow sno-cone
Rotten apple
10) What was in the beer that Stifler drank near the start of "American Pie"?
7) Which body part of his own does the sarge have to carry when they are running from werewolves in the U.K horror flick "Dog Soldiers"?
Left arm
Four fingers
11) How was Dustin Hoffman tortured in "The Marathon Man"?
Electric shocks to genitalia
Rats in pants
Bamboo shoots under fingernails
Evil dentist
8) In which movie is a guy magically transformed into a pile of shit?
Weird Science
My Science Project
Porky's Revenge
12) What DIDN'T we see in "Road Trip"?
Ultra large cheeath panties
French toast in pants
Prostate massage
Dog erection