** Direct This    

You can have everything you need for a cool flick, but if the director is some schlep who doesn't know his camera work from the nether regions between his buttocks--- ya get nothin! So see what you can do with this quiz all about some of our favorite directors...

1) Which one of these actors hasn't also turned a stint as a director?
Gene Hackman
Antonio Banderas
Clint Eastwood
Kevin Spacey
6) Which of these director's have directed two different movie sequel's to which they DIDN'T direct the first installment?
George Lucas
Michael Bay
James Cameron
Francis Ford Coppola

2) Which of these flicks WASN'T directed by Steven Spielberg?
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
7) What TV spot did Hong Kong maestro John Woo direct?
Nike - soccer in airport
Mastercard - Helicopter rescues spy from roof
Wendy's - "Where's the Beef?"
NBA - "I love this game"
3) Which of these movies WASN'T directed by George Lucas?
Star Wars
Return of the Jedi
The Phantom Menace
Trick Question- they all were
8) Which shot ISN'T from a John McTiernan directed film?

4) Which line ISN'T from a Roland Emmerich directed flick?
this, or
9) Which weird scenario DIDN'T Hitchcock cover in one of his films?
Guy being attacked by crop duster in field
Woman realizing her husband killed her father
College boys killing guest of honor of party before the party begins
Birds attacking humans
5) What was one of the main reasons Irvin Kirshner chosen to direct "The Empire Strikes Back"?
Related to Lucas through wife
Had binding contract with studio
Had done well directing earlier sequel movies
Promised George "I won't let you down, pappy!"

10) Which of these director's has taken a stint as a director of either a Jason (Friday the 13th), Freddy (Nightmare on Elm St.), or Michael Myers flick?
Michael Bay
Francis Ford Coppola
Jan De Bont
Renny Harlin