** Dawn of the Dead    

We've just had a pretty kickin' remake to the best zombie movie of all time hit theaters, so I figured it was time for a one-two combo of old school DotD vs. new school DotD. Grab your baseball bat, rev up your chainsaw, and hold back the zombie hordes of this week's quiz...


1 - 4) Remake death roll call!

**SPOILERS** (If you haven't seen the remake)
Arrange these characters from the remake in the order we see them die, from first to last. One character survives until the end credits start (at least...), put that character last.

5) Where did we see the heroine of the remake working at the start of the flick?
Shopping mall
9) UBER TOUGHIE: In the original, which video game DIDN'T we see the heroes play at the mall's arcade?
Shark Blaster
Night Driver
Gun Fight
6) How did the four main character's of the original get to the shopping mall?
Semi truck
10) What was the name of the coffee shop used as a central meeting spot in the remake?
Second Cup
Bean to Heaven

Hallowed Grounds
7) What was a big difference between the zombies of the original and zombies of the remake?
Remake zombies moved much faster
Original zombies didn't die if shot in head
Remake zombies able to use weapons and machinery
Original zombies formed human (zombie) pyramid to enter mall
11) Why did zombies end up getting into the mall in the original?
Zombies got in through sewers
One member of group turned into zombie
Mall invaded by bikers
Heroine tried to save dog
8) Which celebrity lookalike zombie wasn't mentioned in the sharp shooting game played in the remake?
Rosie O'Donnell
Jay Leno
Roseanne Barr
Burt Reynolds
12) What was the name of the sequel to the original flick?
Night of the Living Dead
Dusk of the Dead
Day of the Dead

Eve of the Dead

13 - 17) Old or new?

Select whether the thing and/or event listed is seen in the original, remake or neither movie.

Event Original. Remake. Neither.
Zombie baby
Zombie dog
Helicopter refueling
Zombie pie fight
Nuclear explosion