** Curse of the Dead    

We haven't had a good old fashioned, blood-curdling horror quiz in awhile. To remedy that we present this collection of creeping retribution from beyond the grave. Beware...

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1 - 4) Specter Matchup

Match the ghoul to the flick in which it appeared. Be warned, there are more movies in the list than there are ghosts, and two of the movies listed are simply an original and remade version of the same flick!

5) In one of the segments in the horror anthology "Creepshow", Ted Danson's character was killed and subsequently came back for revenge. How was he killed?
Giant axe blade on pendulum
Buried up to neck on beach
Letter-opener in eye
9) In which movie was a hitch-hiker killed by a woman in a hit-and-run, but then came back to terrorize her while saying "Thanks for the ride, lady!"?

6) What movie is this exchange from?
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Gift
The Dead Zone
10) In "An American Werewolf in London", the protagonist is repeatedly visited by the decaying spirit of his slain friend. What does the ghoulish apparition keep telling him to do?
Commit suicide
Leave the country
Kill the werewolf who bit him

Go to the police
7) When did Kevin Bacon start seeing visions of the dead girl in "A Stir of Echoes"?
After he was hypnotized
After he was unknowingly killed
After he went into coma
After he became a bike-messenger
11) In what movie does someone back from the grave for revenge say this?

8) In the 2002 horror remake "The Ring", what effect did Samara have on the horses that were near her on the island?
They bit humans
They commited suicide
They went blind
Their hides turned white
12) What is the upcoming Wes Craven movie "Cursed" about?


Serial killers


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