* Crichtonium    

He spawned the Jurassic Park franchise, TV's "E.R" and countless movie adaptations of his books. He is Michael Crichton, and this is his story.... in movie-related trivia format, anyways...


1 - 4) Pic-A-Crichton!

Match the Crichton movie pic to the flick is it from. As always, be careful of extra flicks in the list that are there to do nothing but deceive you....

5) What was the shadowy force Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes investigated in "Rising Sun"?
Reappearance of the Sith
Japanese corporation
Spy satellite company
Chinese mafia
8) What was "The Andromeda Strain"?
Virus from space
Supercomputer built by Russians
Fungus brought back from comet
Cheesy 1970's sitcom about two arm wrestling champions
6) What animal do we see fly through the air in the Crichton-penned "Twister"?
Giant red dragon
9) Which cool gizmo DIDN'T we see in the Crichton-directed "Runaway"?
Robot spiders
Heat seeking bullets
Robot maid
Virtual reality room
7) What kind of company did Michael Douglas work at in "Disclosure"?
Law firm
Fast food
Movie production
10) What is the next Michael Crichton novelization due for the big screen treatment in 2003?
Jurassic Park IV: The Reckoning
Freaks on Parade